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Bantam EcoTherm

The Bantam EcoTherm Is A High Efficiency  Wall Mounted Gas Heater That Uses A Balanced Flue . No Smelly Gas Or Condensation. Its Output Is 2.11 kw ( IP = 2.94kw ) .It Will Run For Aound 45Hrs On A 10Kg Bottle Of Gas.

Fitters Manual  pdf

Calor gas heaters can throw out a litre of moisture into the air per hour. That can do a lot of damage to your paintwork and bring on severe condensation problems on windows the end result is mould.. If your using one at present and have headaches, its probably the heater. Burning gas directly into your home produces water, carbon dioxide and with poor ventlation carbon monoxide.You are advised to keep a window open on these products, which kind of defeats the point ! Your next purchase will be a dehumidifier !!!!

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